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For the past twenty five years Ready Mix producers have been searching for a concrete reinforcing fiber that will meet their customer's stringent demands as well as meeting their own.
Today Owens Corning has met this challenge by developing an AR glass fiber (Anti-Crak® Fibers) that meets project design specifications, offers ease of concrete placement, and does not adversely affect the slump or finished surface of the concrete. Anti-Crak® fibers disperse throughout the concrete matrices in half the time of synthetic fibers because the specific gravity of AR glass (Sg. 2.68) is equal to that of the aggregates.
Fiber clumping or cannon balls are a thing of the past, and drum cleanout is a breeze when using Anti-Crak® fibers.
The physical properties of AR glass are superior to the synthetic fibers being produced today. It's these attributes that make AR glass the fiber of choice by so many concrete producers worldwide.

Cem-FIL® fibers solution for Industrial Floors
Cem-FIL® fibers solution for Residential Screeds

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