Silentex® System
Continuous glass fibers are generally used as a reinforcement in multiple composite applications. Silentex® system is an exception to this rule! Single-End Advantex® fibers provide high temperature resistance, durability in corrosive environments, excellent acoustics and a perfect technology fit with highly automated assembly lines. These are key requirements for materials and processes used in automotive exhaust as well as industrial, marine and other silencing systems.
Silentex® system is an original Owens Corning system solution, accepted and specified over decades by vehicle producers and exhaust system manufacturers. It combines excellent material properties, sound dampening technology, efficient processing and longtime know-how, provided by people with a passion to serving customers, the industry and our environment.

For application in cement or concrete, glass fibers are required to be Alkali Resistant (AR). Cem-FIL® fibers are manufactured from a specially formulated glass composition with an optimum level of Zirconia (ZrO2) to meet this requirement. Cem-FIL® glass exhibits a high degree of chemical resistance and was specifically developed to resist the very high alkalinity produced by the hydration of Ordinary Portland Cement.
Cem-FIL® AR glass fibers have high tensile strength and modulus, do not rust and are easily incorporated into concrete mixes.

Standard products

Our glass reinforcements are made in various forms in order to make them suitable for a variety of processes and to provide desired thermo-mechanical and electrical properties. Rovings are produced either directly from the bushing by drawing a large number of filaments (direct roving), or by assembling several strands in parallel, with no twisting (assembled roving). Chopped strands are basic strands generally cut to lengths from 3 to 12 mm; these products have numerous applications. Continuous filament mats are felts of continuous filaments distributed in uniform layers as they leave the bushing and held together by a binder. Chopped strand mats are felts or mats consisting of glass strands chopped to lengths of mostly 50 mm and held together by a binder which is soluble in styrene.