Silentex® Application Examples


Owens Corning supports Wärtsilä for the introduction of their newly developed Compact Silencer System. Most specifically, our customer service teams helped in defining the best combination of product and fill techniques to provide these silencers with optimal sound absorption at the lowest cost.



Through the years, Owens Corning supported various projects (silencers for tubines, power generators and other heavy diesel engines).

Owens Corning know-how is most recognized in fields like:


- Industrial glass fiber handling and automation processes

- Laboratory analysis of acoustic performance and support in problem-solving

- Laboratory glass expertise (blow out mimic tests, thermo-shock testing, engine bench tests, sample analysis and determination of failure causes)


Automotive and Heavy Duty

In this very demanding industry, Owens Corning has shown the ability to combine Advantex® glass fiber product development with process development to accommodate muffler production requirements (low cycle time, efficient logistics, high level of automation, etc.). These application examples illustrate how Owens Corning brings value to its customers:


- 25 years of process and product background

- Product know-how to support customers in the development and qualification phases

- Worldwide presence for most standardized products and processes to meet the needs of global OEM and Tier 1 customers

- Filled systems often demonstrate muffler design simplication: less parts, lower weight and higher performance