About Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been supplying consistently glass Fiber products for the reinforcement of high performance composites and our background is strong with more than 70 years of experience.

Our reinforcement glass strands are used in technical fabrics and in plastic parts manufactured in short or long production runs, with multiples sizes and shapes, light, insulating, corrosion-, impact- and heat-resistant, to replace steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, cardboard etc. in high performance applications such as wind turbines, building façades, bridges, optical cables, car and truck body panels...

Our specialty products and brands add value for our customers.

Our High Performance Reinforcements are a new generation of products targeted at a variety of end-use markets: wind energy, ballistics, aerospace, industrial applications, sports and recreational. They provide lightweight, higher strength, improved toughness and impact resistance or corrosion resistance.

Our Silentex® system solution provides materials and processes used in automotive exhaust as well as industrial, marine and other silencing systems.

Our specialty glass strands: Cem-FIL® AR Glass, and Thermopreg™ co-mingled glass/Thermoplastic are used respectively in the reinforcement of cements and mortars and for the manufacture of high performance Composite parts. Cem-FIL® AR Glass makes construction materials more elastic and solid, prevents cracking and extends building life. Twintex® unique recyclable composition provide composite parts with an extremely good impact resistance and allows "green" technology.