Owens Corning Composites is the world's leading producer of glass-fiber reinforcement materials for composites. Its comprehensive product range, applied materials technology and new innovations enable and advance the use of composite materials.

This library gives a large choice among all our documents and collaterals available for describing our products and their uses.A composite is an engineered material system that combines reinforcement fibers, such as glass, with another material, like thermoplastic and thermoset resins, gypsum, or ceramic. The result is a high-performance material that is more durable, energy efficient, and lightweight, than traditional materials such as steel, wood, and concrete.

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Advantex® E-CR Glass

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High Performance Glass

High perfomance composite macrofiber for concrete reinforcement

Silentex® Noise Control Solutions

Cem-FIL® Alkali-Resistant Glass Fibers

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Dry-Use Chopped Strand for Thermoplastics

Dry-Use Chopped Strand for BMC

Wet-Use Chopped Strand

Type 30®Single-End Roving and Multi-End Continuous Roving

SMC/BMC Rovings

Panel Roving

Roving for Chopping

Roving for Spray-up/Gun Roving

Rovings for Centrifugal Casting

Rovings for Weaving

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Rovings for Filament Winding

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Rovings for Pultrusion

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GMT/LFT Rovings

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Rovings for Long Fiber Injection

Spun/Bulky Rovings

Chopped Strand Mat

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Unifilo® Continuous Filament Mat

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Milled Fibers

Market Vision Corporate Magazine

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Market and Process Brochures

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