Milled Fibers

Owens Corning Milled Fibers meet the various needs required in term of Resin compatibility and mechanical properties.

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Product Reference List

VITROSTRANDVITROSTRAND milled fibers are made from E-Glass or Advantex® Glass. It has been engineered as reinforcement for foamed polyurethane, thermoplastics and thermosets and may be used under all normal conditions.

REV are E-glass Milled Fibers specifically designed for the reinforcement of Thermoset resins (Polyester, Epoxy, Phenolic) and Thermoplastic resins (Engineering plastic compounds, PTFE). REV Milled Fibers are equally recommended as anti-crack in coating & gel-coating applications. REV can be coated to improve mechanical properties or non-coated to avoid carbonation and improve color (PTFE).