ST Product Series

The Silentex® ST product series is a specially designed Type 30® product which achieves maximum product throughput and maximum texturization utilizing approved Owens Corning texturizing machines. As opposed to most of the Composite applications - for which Type 30® is developed - this product range is adapted to high unwinding speed, acoustic performance thanks to nozzle technology, and high Fiber strength.

Its Advantex® glass formulation is particularly suitable for the requirements of the exhaust industry in terms of temperature, corrosion and blow out resistance.


Product Reference List

Silentex® glass fiber noise control solution for vehicle exhausts design guideSilentex®1 system technology is a process for separating a roving strand into individual filaments (known as texturizing) so that they can efficiently dissipate acoustic energy. Texturized material produced by this process can be directly injected into a silencer chamber, into a bag, into a box, or into a mold to produce a preform. Boxed texturized material can be utilized in filament winding or hand stuffing operations.
Silentex® Noise Control Solution for Vehicle Exhausts brochureOwens Corning is a leader in glass science responsible for numerous innovations in glass including E, Advantex® brand and high performance glass over a period of more than 30 years.
Silentex® Machine brochure

This brochure describes Owens Corning’s answer to the Worldwide automotive industry and Tier One suppliers’ need for sound-absorbing materials for silencers and mufflers: Silentex® texturizing and filling machine equipment. This integrated solution benefits from proprietary technologies including Owens Corning’s Advantex®patented, boron-free E-CR glass formulation and patented texturizing nozzle.


The ST2070 product is Owens Corning’s 24µm 7000 tex Single End roving based on the Advantex® high temperature composition and is specifically engineered for use in the Silentex® process to minimize process interruptions and ensure overall efficiency.