Silentex® System

Silentex® Solutions

Globally, a clear need has emerged for an exhaust sound dampening system that is more effective, lighter in weight, and lower cost.

Silentex® continuous glass fiber noise control system is a total system approach from glass texturization to insertion into different silencer designs. It can be tailored into either a direct fill process of the glass fiber into the silencer cavity, or plastic or glass fiber bags hand stuffed directly into the muffler cavity, or preforms matching the geometry of the muffler cavity.

Key product benefits include excellent sound absorbency, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance. It results a cost effective solution for high quality materials.
Silentex® Bags

Silentex® bags can provide an interesting and flexible alternative to machine investments, and to high-tech preformed parts. Being made with the same technologies as direct filling, these bags exhibit ......

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Silentex® Direct Filling Process

The Silentex® direct filling process was invented by Owens Corning in the early 80s and provides the automotive exhaust market with a unique technology to Fill silencer cavities. The patented nozzles ......

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Silentex® Preforms

Owens Corning Silentex® preforms are the ultimate tailor-made parts to Fill exhaust chambers. These preforms produced using Advantex® continuous glass fibers generally provide the fastest method by ......

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ST Product Series

The Silentex® ST product series is a specially designed Type 30® product which achieves maximum product throughput and maximum texturization utilizing approved Owens Corning texturizing machines. ......

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